Marga Darshan

Empowering Brahmana youth to lead and Innovate.

Marga Darshan

Brahmana: One who has seen the way. 

Brahmana: Thought leader of Society

Brahmana: Upright and Energised individual

Brahmana: Intellectual

Brahmanas have been the traditional thought leaders  of India. They learnt the veda, were experts on Dharma and Shastra and with their knowledge guided kings and common men. Brahmanas today have the great inheritance of their forefathers--the ability to learn and excel. However, due to recent socio-political experiences their ability to gather these strengths and be successful has diminished. 

Marga Darshan is a program created specifically to facilitate the financial and career growth of Brahmanas while staying rooted in their tradition. We use technology, trade, and tradition as three tools to bring prosperity, increase network, and Brahmana participation in the Vedas (rich, reach, and research). The target audience for this program are Brahmanas in the 20-45 age group. With this program, we hope to create the next set of leaders and innovators from the Brahmana community. 

Since its inception, several seminars have been organised with different levels of graduation in Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. The seminars will begin in Coimbatore and Cochin in 2016. The initial seminars focus on creating a broad knowledge of Sanaatana Dharma, increasing knowledge of technology, and awareness of economic developments worldwide, appreciating the importance of Sandhya Vandanam for the Brahamana, the meaning of Artha and how to build it, and developing and leveraging your personal and interpersonal skills for professional growth and success. It provides a platform for people to develop their networks, grow their professional standing and develop stronger cultural roots. 

The seminars begin at 7:30 with breakfast and fellowship.

Several modules follow with a presentation, followed by team discussions and presentations. After the eminent speakers present their perspectives, the ideas are workshopped. Individual attention is given. Lunch and tea are also served in the traditional manner. Registration and enrolment is free but R.S.V.P is a must. 

The Seminars are designed and conducted by Shree Aravind Sitaraman, and innovator and leader with vast experience in the corporate and spiritual fields. 

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Some comments of those who attended:

“Marga Darshan has given me a chance to meet and interact with some eminent people from a variety of professions. This forum is a platform for social and professional networking with young college-going students, professionals, homemakers, and senior citizens as its participants.”

“I find the talks by guest speakers and the Anugraha Bhashanams most interesting and enlightening. I also enjoy the ambience and interactions. I think this program is useful for people of all ages.”

“Meeting personalities of such capacity who have been at their best in their academic and professional spheres, is such a rare opportunity, especially to young individuals like me who aspire to become big. This would certainly help us to broaden our perspective of "growth”.”

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara